PERFECT TRANSLATION has currently, implicitly been rated as one of the best companies working either on translation or interpretation in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh capital and such evaluation is entirely based on overall word-of-mouth recommendations by our valued clients so far. images Truly, PERFECT TRANSLATION has unexpectedly been providing a wide range of translation or interpretation tasks, involving various major languages; including, but not limited to Khmer-English, Khmer- French, Khmer-Chinese, Khmer- Japanese, Khmer- Thai, Khmer- Vietnamese, and many other unspecified languages are also available to offer by us upon request. With its more than 10-year experience handing any translation or interpretation project of any language, any sector and any format with its personal touch, dating back to the late 2007, PERFECT TRANSLATION has built its distinctly prestigious image and therefore enjoyed tremendous supports from its valued clients both domestically and oversea. As usual, our certified highly experienced linguists can translate or interpret in more than 30 languages and each and very translation (regardless of certified or uncertified one) undertaken by us is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No doubt, it is simply true that PERFECT TRANSLATION‘s relatively good translation or interpreting services/outputs enable its clients to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers or business partners likewise and thus further promote their brand by reaching more people; that is why, more and more clients have used and resorted to using our unique services above stated. To ensure that it is a professional and legally established company gaining absolute confidence and trust from its clients worldwide, PERFECT TRANSLATION is duly registered with the Kingdom of Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce.

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What is Translation?   A process by which words, or phrases or sentences or texts have been rendered or changed alternative

What is Interpretation? It is simply a process by which one is explaining what another person is saying in one language to some

What is Proofreading? A process by which one is simply to look over a piece of writing for errors, and to watch out for spellin

What is Transcription? It is simply a process by which recorded material such as conversion or speech is written down as a text

Our Team

Chea Touch

Translator & Interpreter

WORK EXPERIENCES:   February 2012–now: English-Thai-Khmer translator with PERFECT TRANSLATION [Highly qualified freelancer]  J

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Chan Sophorn

Translator & Interpreter

Her name is CHAN Sophorn, 26 years old; she has currently been employed as a translator/interpreter by PERFECT TRANSLATION for virtually three years.  

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Chea Putheana

Translator & Interpreter

From 2015 to Present, I have been working for PERFECT TRANSLATION as an English-Khmer and vice versa freelance translator and interpreter. Key of job responsib

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