Our Team Detail

Touch Chea

Translator & Interpreter


February 2012–now: English-Thai-Khmer translator with PERFECT TRANSLATION [Highly qualified freelancer] 

Job responsibilities:

  • Translating all kinds of documents in Khmer, English and Thai
  • Providing quality translation work in a timely manner

April 2002–February 2018: Senior translator/editor at Pyramid Services Co., Ltd.

Job responsibilities:

  • Translating and editing all kinds of documents in Khmer, English and Thai
  • Looking at most of the documents coming into the company to check whether or not they can be translated
  • Making sure which one of translator can handle which kind of documents

October 2008–January 2010: Contractor translator at National Committee for Democratic Development (NCDD), Ministry of Interior 

Job responsibilities:

  • Translating documents related to sub-national democratic development projects, which created part of the Law on Elections of Capital Council, Provincial Council Municipal Council, District Council and Khan Council
  • Taking minutes of NCDD’s meetings and conferences

January 1999–July 1999: Admin Clerk at UNHCR

Job responsibilities:

  • Performing various functions including assisting in the area of office management, writing correspondences, issuing contracts, maintaining various personnel records and files, undertaking the responsibilities of logistics, arranging and keeping staff movement and travel request forms, and other administrative tasks
  • Arranging meetings with development partners

December 1997–June 1998: Translator/Interpreter at Urban Sector Group (USG)

Job responsibilities:

  • Interpreting for a Training of Trainer in Community Organizing (CO)
  • Translating the lessons for the class (sometimes workshops related to the urban poor problems)
  • Making field visits to the communities to see how community leaders carried out their practical work

January 1996–December 1997: Translator and accountant at Cambodia Translation Service (CTS)

Job responsibilities:

  • Translating all kinds of documents
  • Being responsible for keeping and checking general accounts of CTS

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