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Chan Sophorn

Translator & Interpreter

Her name is CHAN Sophorn, 26 years old; she has currently been employed as a translator/interpreter by PERFECT TRANSLATION for virtually three years.  So far, she has done various translation tasks on various fields, such as insurance, construction, Prakas, Sub-decree, contract on interest-bearing loan, lease contract, facility agreement, hypothecation agreement, and so forth.

Previously, she had been employed as a translator/interpreter by Pyramid Service Co., Ltd., a leading translation service provider in Phnom Penh for three years. With this position, her primary duty was the same as the current one; she has translated many pages of various kinds of documents from Khmer into English and vice versa on daily basis. Those documents are related to many fields including but not limited to law, medical, economic, financial, accounting, agriculture, complaint, judgment, ruling order, and so on.

Moreover, prior to being employed as a translator at the said company, she was a secretariat officer at Junior Chamber International Cambodia (JCI) where she performed many administrative tasks, such as arranging meetings, taking minutes of the meetings, creating liaisons between JCI and governmental ministries, publishing and updating information about JCI on journals, newsletters, social networks, organizing events for community projects and so forth.

Besides, she has been a freelance translator since her university life. She has translated many documents related to gender inequality, violence against women, Convention on Elimination all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). In addition, she also used to be  an  intern-freelance  translator  at  ChildFund  Cambodia,  a  non-governmental  organization, which she had translated many types of correspondents in order to facilitate the communication between children and their sponsors, and she also used to translate many documents related to dental medication, such as pit and fissure sealants.

As you may also learn from the attached curriculum vitae, in addition to the above working experience, she also has sound academic knowledge in both English and Khmer languages as she has graduated Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of International Studies from the Institute of
Foreign Languages (IFL). Besides studying and working, she has also been involved with many extra- curricular activities and social works.

As she has many experiences in translation both from Khmer into English and vice versa, I am skillful in typing Khmer Unicode, Limon, and English. I am also good at using email and internet.

She is hard-working; she can work under pressure and independently. She always focus on detail and has never missed the deadline.

Based on the above mentioned qualifications, she is confident that she is qualified for handling the requested task.

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