PERFECT TRANSLATION has been rated as one of the best translation companies in the Kingdom of Cambodia’s Phnom Penh capital and it is entirely based on overall word-of-mouth recommendations by its valued clients. Truly, PERFECT TRANSLATION has unexpectedly been providing a wide range of translation and interpretation services, involving various major languages; including, but not limited to Khmer-English, Khmer- French, Khmer-Chinese, Khmer- Japanese, Khmer- Thai, Khmer- Vietnamese. Also, many unspecified language pairs are available upon the client's request. With its more than 10-year experience handing translation and interpretation projects (any language, any sector and any format) with its personal touch, dating back to the late 2007, PERFECT TRANSLATION has built its distinct household reputation and therefore enjoyed tremendous supports from its valued clients in either local or international arena. Beyond a shadow of doubt, our highly qualified and experienced linguists can translate or otherwise interpret in more than 30 languages and each and very translation (regardless of either certified or uncertified one) undertaken by us is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Consequently, it is simply true that PERFECT TRANSLATION‘s best translation and interpretation services enable its clients to quickly and effectively communicate with their customers or business partners and thus further promoting their brand by reaching more people.

Since the translation ouput is our principal concern, regardless of certified or non-certified translation and our professional language services are comparably more diverse than those of our counterparts, only highly qualified, and professional translators and interpreters, including the alien ones across the globe are guaranteed and assigned to handle any offered translation projects. With the unique translators and interpreters in place, it lets us to distinctly make things impossible possible in terms of any project volume, any area of expertise, any uncommon language, any turnaround time, and so force. Therefore, should your language barriers be left unsolved by our counterparts, simply visit and refer them to us instead; hence, it is specifically meant that we never ever let any of our clients be frustrated with our language services.

Also, with the help and support from our wide and strong network of highly qualified and professional translators and interpreters in place, we are capable of well handling any translation project in any sector and any format of which one does not experience the same anywhere else other than us. What is more, 3 uniquely different services are offered at the client's choice, so-called regular, express and rush services; however, extra 30% and 50% payments apply to the express service and rush service respectively. 

As PERFECT TRANSLATION is geographically located within the heart of Phnom Penh capital, which is the home to various embassies, UN agencies, local and international NGOs, government ministries, government agencies, private companies,  and etc., it makes it easy for those above mentioned to be accessible to our services. 

Should nobody locate our principal business premises, especially prospective clients from the provinces, we can be alternatively contacted via the following phone contact number or email address or website: Tel: 017 95 85 85 / 012 97 44 11 / 010 70 70 55 / 086 888 123 / 086 69 11 22 / Email address: perfect_translation@yahoo.com / Website: www.perfecttranslationservices.com.


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What is Translation?   A process by which words, or phrases or sentences or texts have been rendered or changed alternative

What is Transcription? It is simply a process by which recorded material such as conversion or speech is written down as a text

Form Filling Service Other than translation or interpretation service and other language related services hereof, we

Our Team

Chea Touch

Translator & Interpreter

WORK EXPERIENCES:   February 2012–now: English-Thai-Khmer translator with PERFECT TRANSLATION [Highly qualified freelancer]  J

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Chan Sophorn

Translator & Interpreter

Her name is CHAN Sophorn, 26 years old; she has currently been employed as a translator/interpreter by PERFECT TRANSLATION for virtually three years.  

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Chea Putheana

Translator & Interpreter

From 2015 to Present, I have been working for PERFECT TRANSLATION as an English-Khmer and vice versa freelance translator and interpreter. Key of job responsib

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