When you are in need of getting your document (any language, any sector and any format) translated and you have got no ideas where to go to get such a thing done, surely you can bank on us professionally handling it on your behalf due to our abundant availabilities of extremely reliable local and international translators who come from every part of the world.   

Translation types currently provided by us

8 different types of translation services offered by PTTC PERFECT TRANSLATION TEAM (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD.

1. Technical Translation
When we refer to something technical, we are dealing with a specific area, such as engineering, IT, education, instruction leaflet, user manual, financial report, and so forth.

2. Financial Translation
Financial translation deals obviously with documentation relating to the likes of finance, banking, investment and stock exchange activity.

3. Scientific Translation
Scientific translation is the act of translating documents such as research, academic articles, the results of clinical trials and more - any document on a scientific subject into another language.

4. Judicial Translation
Judicial translation covers all documents that are part of a judicial process such as contracts, agreements, lawsuits, documented proof, among others.

4. Legal Translation
Legal translation is the translation of language used in legal settings and for legal purposes.

6. Juridical Translation
Juridical translation refers to legally-binding documentation. It includes the translation of numerous legal documents: laws; regulations and decrees; legally binding contracts such as labor; license and commercial contracts; partnership agreements; internal regulations; insurance policies, among others.

7. Certified Translation
 A certified translation is the translation of a document that is accompanied with a certification. The certification is usually in the form of a signature, stamp and a statement from the translator or a representative of the translation agency.

8. Literary Translation
Literacy translation involves translating literacy works such as essays, scripts, novels, etc. This is one of the most intriguing kinds of translation as the choice of words matters.