Our Team Detail

Yoshihiro Imoto

Translator & Interpreter

Place: Phnom Penh capital 
Start Date: 2007 to Present Time 
End Date: working
Title: Japanese ↔ English translator/interpreter  
Position Duties and Responsibilities:
Dealing with English ↔Japanese paper translation 
Performing consecutive and simultaneous oral translations    

Place: Tokyo Japan
Start Date: 10/2016
End Date: working
Title: Consultant 
Position Duties and Responsibilities:
Consultant, Business Strategy Consulting Unit, Project Management and System Ground Design Team. Assist Japanese enterprises in developing large systems and creating system ground design. Now support financial institute. Consider whether using Cloud or Main Frame. Adopt Fintech solution, API, AI and so on.

Employer: Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, 
Place: Tokyo Japan
Start Date: 09/2014
End Date: 07/2016
Title: Senior Consultant 
Position Duties and Responsibilities:
Senior Consultant, Financial Service Office (Advisory) Information Technology Risk Advisory Dept., IT Security Division. Assist Japanese enterprises in creating information security policies, including current policy/security measure analyses, creating policy drafts, and making suggestions on the possible modifications of current policies if necessary. Create proposals of information security solutions using Information technology -Security techniques - Information security management systems – Requirements (ISMS Requirements).
Act as project staff to implement ISMS Management cycle into customers.

Employer: Employer: The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd 
Place: Kyoto Japan
Start Date: 04/2009
End Date: 08/2014
Title: IT coordinator 
Position Duties and Responsibilities:
IT coordinator, Information System Dept., System Develop Division. Assigned as IT coordinator.  Designed the ATM specification, such as upgrading the system, redesigning the user interface. I've also improved the network environment for the ATM. Furthermore, I implemented the business contingency plans for the system corresponding to emergencies such as natural disasters.

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