Our Team Detail

Tan Pham

Translator & Interpreter

Mr. Tan used to hold different positions such as Manager of Human Resources and Administration, Training Manager, Training & Recruiting Manager, Training Executive, Business Solution Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), etc.
His experience, maturity and excellent communication skills have earned him high credibility with both participants and customers alike. He has devoted the past 20 years to training, teaching and human development. Since 1998 Mr. Tan has held positions in senior management having been involved in areas of business such as manufacturing, hospitality industry, quality management system (ISO), and customer service development.
Through his vast knowledge and experience in training, human resource development, and business development, Mr. Tan has earned a reputation as a professional simultaneous interpreters [English to Vietnamese and vice versa] for several international conferences, workshops, seminars, meetings in Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.; Especially, for PERFECT TRANSLATION in different industries in a varieties of topics like banking, finance, education, climate change, renewable energy, sustainable development, information technology, corporate governance, stock markets, cattle business, aquaculture, franchising, marketing, rural development, inclusive business, etc.

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