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What is Translation?
A process by which words, or phrases or sentences or texts have been rendered or changed alternatively from one language to a different language; to wit, the former is called a source language whereas the latter the target one, for example, from English ↔ Khmer, English ↔ Chinese, English↔ Russian, English ↔ Ukrainian, English↔ French and so forth.       
That we are duly incorporated, and properly registered with the Ministry of Commerce and existing under the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and that translation quality is our principal concern, each and very translation undertaken by us is as a direct result of drafting, editing and proofreading all together; without a doubt, the output will surely be of the best quality; that is why, the number of PERFECT TRANSLATION’s clients is constantly increasing.   
As a certified translation company, any translation by us is certified true, correct and complete and it is mostly intended for official purposes.
Due to the fact that remarkably growing need for the translation of the uncommon language pairs, such as English↔ Russian, English ↔ German, English ↔ Chinese, English ↔ Pashto, English↔ Indian, English ↔ French, English ↔Vietnamese, English ↔ Thai, English↔ Arabic,  etc. is unoffered and is thereby unaccepted, possibly on account of their no resources, by virtually all of our competitors here in the Kingdom of Cambodia of which we have witnessed it with our own eyes, we have resorted to and distinctly focused on working on such translation to ensure that our regular, occasional, or new customers are not left frustrated with our languages services.

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