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What is Interpretation?

It is simply a process by which one is explaining what another person is saying in one language to someone else who does not understand it; to wit, from a language to a different language which the audience mostly do not understand.  
Apparently, as you might possibly be informed of its abundantly diverse human resources as mentioned in the translation item, PERFECT TRANSLATION will never ever let its customers be frustrated with its language offerings; in particular, the interpretation world likewise; especially, unusual language pairs involved.  As a result, it is fully capable of well providing its customers with more than ten languages and in many types of environments, including but not limited to: escorting, whispering, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. Therefore, PERFECT TRANSLATION has actively been engaged and employed by its customers, including certain JICA projects in various governmental institutions/ministries, PSI organization and that of PSK, KHANA organization, USAID, GIZ Cambodia, CRS and so force to perform various interpreting services in formal meetings and conferences on its customers’ behalf.  No doubt, we are really proud of our competency, expertise and availability of human resources for any formal meetings and conferences.

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