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Editing / Proofreading

What is Proofreading?

A process by which one is simply to look over a piece of writing for errors, and to watch out for spelling and grammatical mistakes and punctuations. Proofreading may also be associated with checking of different elements of a layout (such as headlines, paragraphs, illustrations and colors) for their correct dimensions, placement, type, etc.     
That our human resources are borderless, that increasing demand for a good and reliable proofreader in any language and sector is necessarily needed from time to time and that proofreading is an integral part of our languages related offerings, we are also offering to provide such a service to responsively cater to needs and requirements of our customers, including but not limited to individuals, private and stated owned companies, local and international NGOs, governmental institutions/ministries, embassies, international agencies, etc.

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