Customer Satisfaction



  • Exceptional customer service (quick e-mail response, phone pick up in 02 rings, and etc)
  • Each and every client is given personal and professional services they expect and deserve
  • Customers all over the world are served
  • Drop us a line anytime of the day or night
  • Widely accredited
  • The highest quality is our principal concern with usage of quality assurance checks at every point in the translation process
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • The most cost-effective
  • Turn-around times promptly satisfied upon request
  • Various fields of specialization offered to ensure customers are not left frustrated with our language services offer 
  • Confidential information safeguarded 
  • Guaranteed discounts for our regular, long-term and large-volume-jobs providing client


Certification Upon Request: Since different customers have different needs and purposes with their translated texts, then some prefer to have theirs certified by our company with translator’s name whereas the other not. With PERFECT TRANSLATION, choices are widely left open to them and they customers definitely find it beneficial.

Various Fields of Specialization Offered to fill customers needs: To ensure that our customer are not frustrated with our major language services, in particular areas of specialization, we have selectively mobilized a wide range of highly qualiworld greetingsfied, professional translators with extensive experience in those areas of specialization ready to promptly respond to their needs: legal, medical, dental, pharmaceutical, financial, various technical fields, education, health, science, agriculture, industry, culture, politics, economics, website, project management, IT, development, human resources, operations, marketing and more and we also have language and technology support staff-members who strive to satisfy customers needs and challenges in terms of quality, efficiency and cost.


Quality Control Translations: Throughout the company’s history, it has shown an unmatched commitment to quality. Surely we utilize a rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and quality managers to ensure that the work we deliver is second to none. We offer multiple levels of services based on customers needs, ranging from draft /summary translation up to certified translation, featuring our 3-step process with a translator, editor and proofreader all designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.




100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Every translation by us comes with a promise to work with customer until they are satisfied. 

Confidentiality Safeguarded: According to our own experiences in relation of this matter, we understand that most customers are really worried about their business for they do not want their confidential information to be leaked and as a professional translation company promptly responding to this, we are, with our high commitment, really sensitive to the need to keep their secrete information confidential, thus our customer are assured of this and they are no longer concerned about the possible leakage of their confidential information. As a matter of fact, from time to time we are even directly required by our customers to sign the confidentiality agreement with them prior to our working on the translation of their texts to assure that their secrete information contained in their requested texts is 100% guaranteed.


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